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Attendance with Fingerprint (Android + System Management) v1.0


About this system?

This is an application for employee attendance. Track your employees online and save your employee’s data to your database (MYSQL).

You can create an area such as an office or university, where users can only be absent in that area. This prevents absent users outside the office or university area.

This application working with a system called Attendance with Fingerprint (Android App). Attendance login system based on Codeigniter.

Your employee/user will attend with the fingerprint on the device.

This application is suitable for?

-Universities, attendance of students
-The company, for employee attendance
-Or else, to check attendance

Remember, this application uses GPS coordinates to check whether the user is in the office. So, it might take time to get the user’s current location, waiting for time-based on the location such as buildings, or other things that cause your device to be difficult to find the current location of the user.

Original App and Demos:

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