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Spreadsheet Online for Perfex CRM v1.0.3


Brief description

Spreadsheet Online Module is a powerful spreadsheet editor that lets you do pretty much everything you can do with contemporary spreadsheet software like Excel. This module helps you reach your goals and lead you to make better decisions. There’s nearly nothing you can’t track and manage using this module.

A. Spreadsheet Editor – Save and manage your precious data with spreadsheets.

Edit spreadsheets online: Nothing beats the simplicity of entering data into a table. With this in mind this module provides an online spreadsheet editor which allow users to insert their data into their documents without hassle. You can even apply formulas and calculations to the data just like regular spreadsheets. This module also support drop down list which allows you to display a number of valid options for a specific topic. It’s important to keep your users engaged with your content. This can be accomplished by changing styles and customizing the appearance of your documents to make it more attractive for the users to view.

B. Organize Your Documents – Stay organized and maximize productivity.

Align your work with your teammates: Easy retrieval when you need to search for a specific documents. Too many documents at once? Don’t worry organize them by projects. If certain documents were misplaced in a project simply move them directly from one project to another. When you create a documents and add a tag to it, it will be automatically categorized under that specific tag. This will save you time and effort on categorizing each documents after creation.

C. Sharing – Share your work and consolidate with others.

Align Work with Your Teammates: When the work is ready it’s time to share it with the world. This module supports webpage embed code and you can also export or import data records from MS Excel.

D. Team Collaboration – Teamwork is a key factor when it comes to success.

Safely Stored on Cloud Repository: This module makes it easy to gain access to your documents through the team. Team members can edit the documents remotely and save them directly to Cloud Repository. This module gives your team members the ability to access important documents anywhere, at anytime. Unlimited projects and users can provide a more efficient arrangement for the team. This allows the team to run at its full capacity and fulfill its full potentials.

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