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Hellaplus v1.3 – Income and Expense Tracker for Individuals & Businesses


Hellaplus is a tool that helps business and individuals manage their income and expenses. Hellaplus Income and expense tracker allows users to create budget and goals for their finances which are grouped into categories.


  • Incomes: Hellaplus Income module allows users to keep track of their incomes. Incomes can be sorted in groups. We also capture the account which the income went to for easy accounting.
  • Expenses: Expenses module allows users to keep track of their expenses by recording each and every expense. The expenses are grouped into categories and also keep track of which account the expense was paid from and calculate the balance.
  • Budget: Hellaplus budgeting module is one of a kind. This feature allows users to set a limit or expected monthly spending, expected monthly earning and expected monthly saving. After that user can then distribute the planned spending amount to different categories. It’s pretty cool :)
  • Accounts: hellaplus accounts keeps track of your balances in cash,card, bank or e-wallet. We do this by letting you create an account and enter the available balance. After that, any transactions done with that account will be calculated in order to keep your account balance up to date.
  • Overview: This is the summary of all your transactions,income, expenses and budgets at a glance. You can use our filtering feature to check your summary from any date in the past.
  • Settings: This module allows you to manage your profile and system settings easily with no coding skills needed.
  • Multi user: You can build a SaaS software with Hellaplus since it optionally supports multiple user accounts.
  • Beautiful and responsive UI: Hellaplus was made with love and passion that’s why it looks stunning.
  • Fast processing speed: Hellaplus is faster with clean code written on PHP with MVC model.
  • Translation file support: You can create additional language files to provide the script in a different language.

Original script and Demo:

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